General Inquiries

What is from Andy Moon General Trading Company – one person company -, a site that offers all you need from household products – especially products with ideas – in one place. Whether you are looking for the best offers, or the latest products, our innovative website allows you to get all your products very easily and with utmost convenience.

Can I use the website and visit the shop?

Is buying from your website safe?
Andymoon guarantees you a safe shopping experience, as makes payments from Visa, MasterCard and BenefitPay through securely encrypted electronic payment gateways, and all your personal information including credit card, name and address Pass through an encrypted channel to secure business transactions. Use of your personal information is in accordance with our strict privacy policy. You can find out about this by visiting the privacy policy page by clicking here.

Inquiries about the order

How can I place an order on
Once you find the product you want to buy, click on “Add to Cart” and the product will be added to your shopping cart. All items you have selected will be saved in your shopping cart on the site, and you can view the products you have placed in your cart at any time by clicking on the cart link at the top of the page.
How can I contact

You can contact the site through customer service – 0097333550922, between 10 am and 10 pm.

Can I go to the store and buy the product from there?
You can get all the products displayed on the site with ease, and you can also visit our store and buy from there. But remember that there may be offers available on our site that are not available in the shop!
What are the payment methods used?

Currently you can pay through Cash on Delivery, or one of the following secure methods:

Bank cards or via Benefit Pay.

Visa cards.
Master Cards.

Inquiries about order tracking, shipping and delivery

When will I receive the products I ordered from

Your products will be delivered within 1-2 business days or as soon as possible, except for large items that may take longer than usual for delivery.

When will the on-site delivery team contact me?

The delivery team will contact you well in advance of delivering the product to you.
What fees do I have to pay for the delivery service?
There are no additional charges for the delivery service, but the value of the purchases must exceed the minimum for free delivery, which is 10 BD.
And if the value of the purchases is less than 10 BD. You will be subject to a delivery fee of 1,500 BD.

What areas does the delivery service cover?

The delivery service includes all regions of Bahrain, and the Arabian Gulf (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman).

How can I speed up the delivery process?

To make your shopping experience on our website easier we do our best to deliver your purchases as soon as possible and it all depends on the accuracy of the address details you entered at your delivery location. Large items may take longer to deliver.

Can I get the driver/delegate number?

We apologize for giving the driver’s number, but the driver will call you half an hour before his arrival.

If I change my mind during the delivery time, can I cancel the purchase and cancel the invoice?

You can cancel the invoice at the time of delivery, but you will have to visit one of our showrooms and pay an amount of 5 BD. As a delivery fee. The invoice will be canceled after confirming that the product has no defects or scratches and is still sealed in its box.

If the product I want is not on the site, can you get it?

You can send any special requests to us by e-mail or WhatsApp (0097336900709) and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

I ordered multiple products from the site but only received half/some of the products. What’s the reason?

Please refer to your email for an electronic copy of the invoice, and if you have already purchased products that were not delivered, please send an email or call customer service and we will solve the problem.

If the product is out of stock and out of stock, will it be available again?

Products that are not available in stock have a “soon” or “on-demand” notice, or you can follow the above-mentioned steps and email us, and we will undoubtedly find the product or provide you with an answer.

I just placed an order but would like to cancel/change, can I? how?

No problem at all. You can easily before completing the purchase process where you can review the order automatically as part of the purchase process before completing the purchase and checkout. But if you have completed the payment process, you will not be able to!

I need a product urgently, can I order through the website and collect the product from the store?

You can, by notifying us in your request that you will receive the order from the shop, but if the order goes out from the shop to the customer, you will not be able to do that!

After sales inquiries

How can I return or exchange an item I have purchased on

Please print a copy of the electronic invoice and make sure that the product data and purchase date comply with the return policy according to the terms and conditions section. If all is well, please call us on 0097336900709 or send us an email.

I bought a product and found that it does not work?

We accept return of any product within 48 hours if the product does not work or has a manufacturer defect. Please make sure that the packaging that the product was in is intact.

How can I replace a product that is not working well?

Orders received after 48 hours of purchase will be repaired by our team of qualified technicians unless they are defective.